Our Environmental Committment

My Prime’s commitment to environmental preservation stems from our understanding that a sustainable future is in everyone’s best interest.

My Prime views the environment as being interconnected with every living thing on the planet. Humans are made stronger or weaker by our air, water, land, animals, and plants. We need them to survive and flourish as they need us to do the same. In this way, we are all connected, and our actions affect one another.

We believe these ties give us many benefits. Among these are powerful, natural ingredients for health and beauty. Many of the latest breakthrough ingredients in skin care – including our beloved Pili and Moringa Oils – were discovered in natural settings: in jungles, forests, deserts, mountains, and oceans.

To ensure that future generations can share in these benefits, we believe in protecting our beautiful planet and its inhabitants by being responsible environmental stewards.

With the above in mind, we have ensured that our business practices are aligned with a firm commitment to environmental protection.

Examples of our commitment to the environment: