Transforming Lives in Bicol

My Prime’s social responsibility initiatives were designed to enrich the quality of life for our customers, and the Filipino women and men who harvest and extract our Pili oil.

My Prime is directly investing in the agrarian communities in the Bicol region of the Philippines where Pili oil is cultivated and produced. My Prime has provided the Pili farmers with seedlings and planting materials, as well as training in sustainable practices. More importantly, My Prime has entered into long-term contracts with individual farmers which will provide them and their families with a stable source of income. Our goal is to provide partnerships that empower the Pili farmers, allowing them to take control of their lives and destiny long after other donation methods would otherwise run out.

My Prime is also establishing a modest facility where the women can extract the Pili oil in a safe and supportive environment, and where they can continue to develop skills in the extraction and purification process. 

Under the long-term contracts with the Pili farmers, My Prime:

    My Prime is collaborating with the Philippine Department of Agriculture and the Department of Agrarian Reform to achieve these objectives.